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Website Disclaimers

Credits for this website

The Confidence Marketing logo and graphic identity were designed by Confidence Marketing. Words, design and technical implementation of the website by Confidence Marketing. Website hosting by Afrihost. Stock images from deathtostockphoto.com and freepik.com. Thanks everyone.


We aim to provide accurate and current information on this website. However, we accept no liability for errors or omissions, or for loss or damage arising from using the information. We are not responsible for the content of other websites linked to/from this site.


This is an aspiration, not a fact! This website uses cascading style sheets to describe layout, colours and fonts and it has nice clean, tidy tags which are properly closed. It is designed to display properly in most browsers and is a responsive design, viewable on most tablets and smart phones. Text-only browsers and screenreaders should also be able to make sense of the site.

Copyright notice

The Confidence Marketing website contains material from a number of contributors and, except where otherwise noted, copyright in those materials rests with the authors. It is the intention of Confidence Marketing only to publish content with the permission, express or implied, of the copyright owner. In the event that Confidence Marketing has inadvertently infringed your copyright, please contact the Confidence Marketing who will remove the infringing material.

Publication of content on the website does not imply permission to copy it or use it elsewhere. If you wish to make use of any material, it is up to you to seek permission of the copyright owner. Any material used should clearly acknowledge the author and copyright owner.

Confidence Marketing makes no warranty as to the accuracy or ownership of any material on this website, and accepts no liability for any use to which it is put or for any copyright infringement that may arise.

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