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Graphic Design

Choosing and designing your company brand identity is one of the most important steps when starting a business. Our creative design team delivers professional visual content for all branding and marketing material to further enhance your brand identity.

Logo & Brand Design

Although your logo is just one element of the branding process, it is the most prominent and will more than likely appear at all touchpoints with customers. We combine our marketing expertise and design principles to provide logo and brand design services to help you position your brand effectively to your target audience.

Logo Design | Brand Design

Digital Design

Any kind of design that appears in a digital format, on a website, app or social media platform is considered digital design. It can incorporate static images or involve movement such as animation. Confidence Marketing provides digital design services to businesses, whether part of a web design project or digital marketing campaign, or whether you just requirement digital design elements.

Landing Pages | Icon Design | Infographic Design | Email Design | Banner Ads | Social Media Page Design | Presentation Templates 

Print Design

Any kind of design that appears in a print format is considered print design. Confidence Marketing provides print design services to businesses, whether as part of a design project or marketing campaign, or whether you require print design collateral.

Business Cards | Banners | Signage | Stationery | Posters | Flyers | Brand Collateral | Packaging | Magazines | Calendars

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